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Being happy in times of Covid

We are living in a world what is totally different from the past, from what we are accustomed to.

We might still want to live the life we are used to live, do the things we liked doing in the past and if that can’t be done at this moment because of the circumstances we might to stat to feel unhappy, depressed we might start blaming others, complain and anger may arise. We can’t wait for others to change our world, we can't wait for our future to change in order for us to become someone new. We have to actually change ourselves in the present moment in order to change our future.

How do we change?

First see if you can change your circumstances, change creates flexibility and adept to the new circumstances will focus on your new present moment. If you see no way out, If you can’t change your conditions, or if the conditions are not the key to create happiness. See if you can change your perceptions and your expectations. Start by accepting this the new world we live in, the present situation. How can you be happy in this world today? How can you enjoy yourself without longing for the past or the future. Create a community around you that inspire you and that gives you energy.

I think this is the time to connect, to communicate to collaborate. When individuals reach out and check with one another when they support one another we can raise our energy level and can accomplish things we would have never dreamt of. When an individual has a moment of weakness it will be carried by the group energy like in nature when groups of fish and birds work together as a collective not forced by political opinions.

Connecting like this will help people to raise their energy and when we raise our energy we raise our consciousness and so we evolve as culture. As for you as a person try to focus on ordinary things in life as if they are extra ordinary than you will have an extraordinary life. Be grateful and enjoy all you do, think and manifest.

This will not come over night and it might takes a lot of practice and the key here is don’t take yourself to seriously nor what others think or say about you. Do not create conflict within yourself or with others. Keep focussing on your own practice, just like a work out, it takes discipline but it certainly pays of in the long run and eventually it becomes your new you, your new life, your new present moment.

Keep in mind that we can’t create anything from the know dive into the unknown and for everyone this might be a different one.

Step 1: Can you change your conditions?

Step 2: Focus on the things in life as if they are extraordinary

Step 3: Change, adept and change again this keeps you flexible, embrace the unknown

Step 4: Reach out to others, connect, communicate

Step 5: focus on the good things in others even if they share a different opinion we are all one.

Step 6: Stop all the conflict you have with yourself and with others without any hesitation

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