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Petra Groen

I am a Visual artist and Yoga practitioner since 2000.
After graduating from the University of the Arts (AKI/ArtEZ), I worked mostly in my studio to built my career as an artist. As a sculptor I work in the field of public art and have exhibitions on a regular basis with my wall pieces and installations. I teach and give lectures at different (international) art academies. 
To keep up with the physical demands of my work, I began to attended yoga classes and did my own practice on a daily base. I experienced that yoga not only helps to strengthen my body but it also relaxes my mind. I can sleep better and it creates tranquillity in my head. I receive more clear ideas and have more focus in my creative proces.

As an artist I travelled the world and have lived and worked in many places, this gave me the opportunity to attend classes from various teachers and I have been privileged to meet Up with many styles of yoga from vary inspiring teachers. The styles I got familiar with were Iyengar yoga in India followed up with a more Vinyasa flow style of Shiva Rea and Jivamukti by Sharon and David and just a few years ago Yin yoga by Skadi van Paaschen. I am certified in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. The more I practiced yoga the more I became interested in all aspects of the yoga and studied the yoga philosophy of the 8 folded path of Patanjali and more recently study Tibetan Buddhism. 

In 2018 I certified as Pranic healer, my interest in the energy body grew over the years and together with Yin yoga I offer healing session for different dis-eases in the body.
I coach on personal level or in group sessions. 

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