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I graduated from the University of the Arts AKI/ ArtEZ,  NL in 1997 and studied at the San Fransisco Art Institute (SFAI) 'New genres' and film. I work as an professional artist in different media but my main focus is laying on the public space and I like to create public art works for the outside environment or within buildings. I also make site specific installations, wall pieces, drawings and collages. I teach art on a professional level and coach artists. More info:
As an artist I want to inspire others wether it is with my art pieces or when I teach. When my art and the passion for yoga come together it becomes a magical something else. I have the ability to remove blockages (emotional of physical) and open the creative flow in life. 
I started to give these kind of workshops to 'non professionals' in 2019. Workshops that include Yoga, the philosophy, pranayama (breathing technique) and a creative expression. When I give the workshops I provide the materials and help with techniques so you can best express your idea in your own unique way. That may be through drawing, painting, collages or in some other form. I will help you find the way that is best for you! 
These sessions I offer weekly and will become a real journey. more info see contact
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