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Be present

Just look, just feel.

'Life is very simple. Just sometimes put your head away, sometimes behead yourself, sometimes look with no clouds in the eyes - just look. Sometimes sit by the side of a tree - just feel. By the side of a waterfall - listen. Lie down on the beach and listen to the roar of the ocean, feel the sand, the coolness of it, or look at the stars, and let that silence penetrate you. Or look at the dark night and let that velvety darkness surround you, envelop you, dissolve you. This is the way of the simple heart.' Osho, in 'The Buddha Said...: Meeting the Challenge of Life's Difficulties'

Life is so much easier than we think

How To Embrace Uncertainty—And Even Enjoy It

It is in our human nature to want to know things in advance, prepare and anticipate to protect ourselves. But safety is an illusion. Nothing is safe, nothing in the physical realm belongs to us, everything is fluid and can change at any minute. It is about our attitude to change, how well we embrace uncertainty and learn to ride the waves of life with ease. This determines how many good things are coming our way and how we handle the challenges that are meant to elevate us into higher consciousness and abundant life.

How can we learn to love and appreciate it, so that it brings us nothing but growth and blessings. How can we develop a right attitude to the natural uncertainty of life.

Yoga can be very beneficial, whatever you experience on the mat you can apply in daily life.

One of the certain things of life is so they call in Sanskriet: Annicha:

That everything comes and goes, nothing stays the same. With that certainty you might be able to handle a bit more difficult situations, awkward conversations or tensions in your life.

All the other things in life are uncertain.

Uncertainty treats you the way you feel about it.

What future holds, depends on our energy, belief system and attitude to our daily life. Living in fear of uncertainty, trying to prepare for every outcome, you not only drive yourself crazy and lower your quality of life, but you also attract lessons that will be teaching you to be at peace with uncertainty until you learn it.

Those who embrace uncertainty, go through life moment by moment, surrendering to its flow and changing seasons. Everyone has challenges, but the right attitude can make these experiences so much more pleasant. We need to rewire our brain to stop trying to predict and prepare for what’s coming. Our mind is not designed to predict the future. At times we spend hours thinking of all possible outcomes. It is our ego desperately trying to keep us safe. Safety is not the answer. Surrender and presence are.

Stay present, just see, feel, observe, and deal with what is directly in front of you. If your are ttached to your past or longing to a future which are in this present moment not available to us we create expecations, and this can lead to disappointment what leads to unhappiness.

The now is the only moment in time we can do something about. So why spend time thinking of what is not happening? Shape your life into a wonderful experience.

When uncertainty bothers you, it’s because you feel like you need to make a decision. You don’t. When you are present, feel what needs to be felt, keep your heart open for guidance, signs, messages and opportunities, your heart and the Universe will choose through you. Try to be less rational and calculating. Your heart will lead you toward what feels right. The right decision should come to you effortlessly.

Hurting without pain

You might want to control what the future holds for you so that it cannot hurt you. We cannot protect ourselves from pain, it is an inherent part of life. The big mistake is thinking of potential pain, and doing so already hurting yourself before it even occurs (and it often never does). Hurting yourself over something that isn’t real and isn’t happening is one of the worst habits of our mind. Good news is we can unlearn this habit. We cannot choose what we feel, but we can always choose what we think and do. Stay right here, don’t let your mind get occupied with imaginary issues. All is well.

Nothing belongs to you

People, places, situations, all the material things, jobs and even relationships are never really “ours.” We call them ours, but in fact this is all something we are blessed with for a period of time. May we enjoy what we love deeply for as long as possible. Let’s make sure we cherish, appreciate it and make the most of these experiences right now. Make sure that a part of your daily routine is expressing gratitude for everything you love and welcoming more of it. Show the Universe how much you appreciate your gifts, so that it knows what you want more of. It will gift you that. Sometimes in a changing shape or form, sometimes after a little while, but one thing is for certain…

We are meant to thrive

Accept this realization, believe in it with all your heart. Believe that the Universe loves you, wants you to be the best version of yourself, realize your highest potential and live your most blissful timeline. From a soul perspective, before landing into this body we have all signed up for our own share of struggle. Some of us have picked more tough life experiences, some shaped their human journey a little easier. These hardships are meant to be accompanied with numerous blessings, joyful moments, miracles and opportunities, including endless opportunities to turn the situation around at any moment, and, most importantly, see it from a different perspective. This magical tool is always available to us.

See everything from a perspective that it is happening to you because it helps you be and become who you are meant to be. Live the life you are meant to live. Achieve and receive the amazing things you are meant to enjoy. All you need to do it keep your heart open. And when it is filled with sadness just pour gratitude into it. Gratitude for all the magnificent experiences you had and are having, all the moments you love that are forever with you, all the love you ever felt and feel that is forever with you. We are on this planet temporarily, we are just here for a short visit. Appreciate everything coming and going just like you yourself come and will go. Annicha

So many blessings always lie ahead. Always look forward to the Universe gifts.

Life is so much easier than we think

We have the tendency witj our mind to take life too seriously. When you start being playful about life, the experience becomes light, fluid, joyful and you cannot be affected as much by what happens to you.

Say “I love you” more often. Drop whatever you feel you have to do and do what you love instead. Use your imagination to create exciting scenarios about your life in your head, playfully visualize and feel those experiences, and see them materialize. It’s a quest, meant to be light and enjoyable for the most part and magical at all times. Allow it to be. Playful energy and attitude is a magnet for miracles and blessings. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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