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Yoga, Meditation and Transformational Breathing Retreat

On the Greek island of Samothraki


28th of May until the 4th of June 2022



Healing Mountain is organising; Transformational Breathing, Yoga and Meditation retreats as well as sharing the knowledge of Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle. Healing mountain has a team of professionals to guide you through a week of transformation, relaxation and deepening your own practice.

This year we organise for the first time a retreat on the beautiful island of Samothraki in Greece.

This island is well known for his mountain located in the center of the island and The name 'Healing mountain' refers to the well known mountain Saos and is located in the center of the island. 

This mountain also provides a diverse climate, flora and fauna on the island. 











In a well tuned and balanced program, with a team of professionals we take you on a journey to your inner self. Together we work on creating a balance and eliminate blockages, so the life force (Praña/ chi) can run freely again in the body and you will experience a feeling of transformation. 

We also give you practical exercises to bring back home to create and continue a new and healthy lifestyle and break through old habits. 


A week long you can enjoy, let go and recharge in the rough nature of Samothraki. 

The mountain range Saos lends itself well for beautiful walks to the waterfalls and the impressive rugged beaches. 


The retreat 



  • Outdoor Yoga, Meditation and Transformational Breathing sessions

  • Vegetarian kitchen (breakfast, lunch and diner) with a professional cook with a special knowledge in the Ayurvedic kitchen

  • Hikes, through the beautiful nature of  Samothraki

  • 6 nights and full Accommodation with shared and private rooms. 

  • A swimming pool and located near the ocean

  • Enough space and time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding, beach, ocean and mountains

For the full program send us an email



Includes the whole program, meals and accommodation

 *Prices are excl. transport


Price: 6 nights (there are possibilities to prolong the stay)

1 Private room: 1050 euro p.p. 

1 Double room: 950 euro per week p.p. 

Shared condo’s 3-4 persons: 850 euro per week p.p.



For more information or to apply please send us an email to:




(book by yourself, we can help to provide the information) 

Flight to Thessaloniki- bus of shared rental car to Alexandropolis-

ferry to Samothraki (with car or without) 

Recommendation is to stay one night in Thessaloniki before taking the ferry. 


Meet The Team

DSC_0164 (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
Petra Groen

Petra Groen is an artist and yoga instructor. She has developed her Yoga practice through different styles; Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Since 2002 she combines her yoga practice with her work as an artist and in the educational artistic field.


In her Yoga classes she helps you to connect with your physical- and subtle bodies through asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.  

By listening to the body, you will search for possibilities to expand, to release tension and to balance out your whole system. 

The asanas are like a massage which you give to yourself.

It gives you strength and relaxation. 

In this way your body and soul will be in balance so the praña/ chi can flow freely again.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

Through Yin yoga and a course in Pranic healing Petra expanded her knowledge of the meridian system and the energetic body.


Michel Doyer​​

Michel Doyer is a Transformational Breath coach en Shiatsu Massage therapist.


He combines Shiatsu with Transformational Breath work.


Through life, bodywork, breath work, yoga practice and Vipassana meditation he developed 

 an intuitive and natural way to help people to connect to body and mind.


Transformational breath is a very powerful healing proces to reach deeper layers of relaxation within the physical body. It transforms stress, tension, old habits/ patterns and trauma into more peaceful relaxation, more health and energy, and the capacity to receive and experience more good.


“ Bodywork, Yoga , Vipassana and especially Transformational Breath Work,  have an immense positive influence in my life.” To an extend that i find it important to spread the techniek and share it with others.


The retreat takes place in a comfortable accommodation on the island of Samothraki near the ocean. The accommodation has condo's, rooms and shared rooms and a swimming pool.

It includes three meals a days, towels and bedsheets.  

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