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Welcome to my website!

I am Petra Groen a professional Visual artist, certified Yoga teacher, Pranic healer and a life coach. On this site you can find information about my Practice, Classes, Workshops and Coaching sessions  
The classes, workshops, and private sessions are focused to release tension and free the creative mind to find purpose and connect to the source of energy within. How do you play with the challenges of life and become a playful person, enjoying life to the fullest? What makes you happy in life? What is your inspiration? Exploring the nature of mind through yoga and creativity is a wonderful way to become playful and free. 
It also works if you want to start a creative process for yourself and need some guidance, structure, discipline or just simply some techniques.
Life coach Sessions
I offer life coaching and counsel sessions one to one. From my practice & experience and with an open heart, I support, guide and coach people with various challenges. I offer the knowledge & insights that I have gained through professional education, courses & my own experience expertise in the field of; burn out, loss and grieve. The search for my own life purpose and healing process has given me the insight in how to combine different (physical) treatment techniques  to gather, clarity, awareness, strength, happiness and freedom in life.
Yoga & Creativity
Yoga helps us to be more present and to release blockages so we can feel the flow of life and free ourselves of the things that don't serve us anymore. 
Have you ever felt more creative while being relaxed or in a "flow" state? 
You may use your creativity to form your life and find life purpose or to find creative solutions. 
Creativity can take on many forms.; artwork, music, dance, writing, cooking, gardening, and beyond. 
In order to create, we have to be truly present with whatever we are creating. Yoga and meditation helps us to be more present within our creative process and in our life in general.
Yoga and in particular Yin-yoga and Meditation can help us to examine our patterns, thoughts, ambitions and also our 'dark' side. To balance ourselves  in life we can use asanas, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, energy work, diet and creative outlets.
After all, we are all artists and creators of our own lives!
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