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What you resist, persists

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The more the mind gets involved, the more fragmented the world becomes. Every solution that comes from the egoic mind is driven by the idea that there is a problem and the solution becomes an even greater problem than what it was trying to solve.

Many will argue in order to change the the world and bring about peace we need to fight harder against our perceived enemies.

Fighting for peace is like shouting for silence. It just creates more of what we don't want.

These days there is a war against everything; a war against terror, a war against hunger, a war against disease. Every war is actually a war against ourselves.

The fight is part of a collective delusion. The believe that we can win a war against cancer, hunger, terror or any enemy that was created by our own thinking and behaviour.

The inner world is where the revolution must first take place.

Thinking is a wonderful tool when the mind is in service of the heart.

"The mind makes a good servant but a poor master" (Vedanta)

Collage by Petra Groen

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