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Stop choosing sides

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Stop, just stop.....stop! Sometimes this is what we just need. Stop thinking, stop doing, stop judging, stop consuming, stop grabbing on to emotions and drama.. Stop.....just stop.

Sit stil, relax the mind and observe the breath. This is what we best can do in any 'panic' situation, emotional situation or any other event in our lives where we don't have a practical solution for.

Stop villavying anyone on this planet, whether it is your president, your ex, your neighbour, a celebrity....

As soon as you choose a side you become part of the conflict. By recognising everyone on this planet to have a valid right to think, feel or act upon their own ability thinking that they are doing the right thing, you stop the polarisation. Living with a dualistic mind; thinking of something or somebody is good or bad, right or wrong will keep feeding the conflict.

Instead stop, observe and say to yourself: "I am going to recognise all the players as universal beings as love and light." See and feel what happens than.

Collage by Petra Groen

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